Monday, September 5, 2011

Blog Fodder

I haven't figured out how often to update this blog, nor have I quite found a "voice" for it. All I do know is that I'd rather keep it about my writing, so I'm very disinclined to post anything personal. This means:

*no posts on marital problems, nor posts on lack of marital problems (unless the husband does something super-spectacular-awesome that I really have to share with my closest seven million friends! RIGHT NOW!)

* no bitching about my nearest and dearest

* and very minimal medical stuff only as it's germane to my writing (example: my typing hand fell off and doctors have advised me to learn to type with my toes as I recover; as a result updates and story output will be slow), as opposed to stuff that isn't germane (example: someone stole my legs and left me in a hotel bathtub filled with ice; however writing not impacted because I can still type. But if you see a pair of stunning, long, tanned and toned legs, they're, um, mine).

*Politics, religion and other hot-button issues. Because there are other blogs that cater to those things, and my political affiliation/religious affiliation/stance on <fill in the blank> are outside the scope of this blog.

So, that leaves remarks about:

*the weather. Weather's fairly safe topic. And possibly germane to my writing (example: Tornado came by; computer currently in Oz. Must go on quest to retrieve it. No longer have legs for silver slippers, as my statuesque gams were replaced by serviceable set with big thighs, so need to find silver galoshes that fit calves.)

* My imaginary friends, unless they do something upsetting, as I don't want this to become a bitch platform (don't you hate when your imaginary friends are assholes?).

*Anything to do with writing and self-publishing, in general or in specific.

*Anything that I enjoyed reading and would like to share. 'Cos storytellers are also storyDEVOURERS.

In conclusion, we'll have to see how this evolves. All these guidelines I've put down today may be tossed out by this time next year. I think I've kept it fairly open and set some good boundaries; only time will tell though.

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