Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Steven Pressfield has it right. Resistance is a bitch. Bitchier than me first thing in the morning before coffee during that time of the month.

A friend recommended The War of Art to me some while ago, and I just found my copy and was flipping through it. Yeah, I don't have the fun Resistance where one uses sex to get out of creative endeavors. Right now, Resistance is taking the form of Linux, the hussy, which I normally wouldn't give a second glance to not because of the quality of the OS (because it's been a fun fling! If only I knew what to do with it!) but because I generally have too much on my plate to add a whole new way of working on my computer and learn a new vocabulary besides. And what's worse? Linux, the hussy, has all these pretty pretty little distributions, so it's a bit like having a lover who dresses up in a different role every night. Last week it was Puppy, a few days ago it was Ubuntu, now it's Puredyne, but my head is getting turned by Mint. Or Chakra. Or openSUSE.

Oh, god, I'm a harlot.

Anyway, because of my infidelities with Linux, my writing has stalled, and nothing has gone forward. I got LM back from my beta weeks ago and am just now working on the corrections. I still have to get the cover done for it. I've already gotten "Ashes" back, and have yet to dive into those corrections. And the current story I'm writing, which has the working title of "Twelfth" has languished on my hard drive, patiently awaiting my infidelity to run its course.

But I'm back on track, now. Until something else turns my head of course. Which it won't, 'cause completely reformed, that's me. Um. As soon as I download Mint. Or maybe openSUSE.

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