Friday, September 2, 2011

Poppin' the Cherry

Blah blah blah bla-blah blah blah. Blah.

There, it's done. The first post to my blog. Now it isn't scary anymore. It's a bit weird to me anyway, to write without an audience in mind. Very shortly I'll be publishing some of my fiction, and if all goes well, someone will buy it and like it and come looking for me here, where I will proceed to present myself as a babbling git. Hello! Welcome! And I hope that my having cottage cheese for brains doesn't upset you!

I've kept journals and the like, but I write those with no audience in mind (I mean really, who wants to hear me complain? I'm a whiner!). The stories I write with an audience in mind -- an audience who seeks to be entertained by my literary prestidigitations, such as they are.

And then there's this blog, where you discover that the spectacular, larger-than-life, drop-dead diva onstage . . . is actually a rather tired-looking, plain and unspectacular woman who kind of blends into the woodwork. Not that I'm calling me or my writing spectacular or diva-licious -- it's more like the stories are "onstage" and this blog is me in a shared dressing room with discarded bits of costume and used pots of Ben Nye make-up.

But here I am, and here's the place you can learn a bit more about me and my writing -- it sounds weird for me to write this to a non-existant ubiquitous "you". There's no audience yet, just a story waiting for a cover, another at the beta, and a third in progress. I guess this post is so I can pop the blog's cherry and not worry too much about what I'm going to write about and why.

And if you're one of those future readers (as of this writing), well, here I am, there I are, and please wish me luck on my writing career, if you would be so kind!

Thank you for stopping by!

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