Thursday, September 29, 2011


Titles are kind of hard. Sometimes they come up easily, and I don't have to give it a second thought. Then there's something like Twelfth, which after weeks of writing and thinking, I think I might have a real title for it. And there's the story I refer to as LM, which I'll be releasing to all the usual self-publishing places when the cover comes back to me, which will be as soon as I come up with a title. It's had four different titles. It's a frigging short story, for crying out loud. Then there's the novella I'm currently working on which had its title well before I set the first word down. How nice is that?

So, the actual title for Twelfth? "Worn Soles" -- but I still need a title for LM! I'm stuck between"The Grieving Mermaid" or "The Mermaid and the Landsman Prince" which kinda sounda a bit too romance novelly:

She was a mermaid, princess of a people who dwelled beneath the waves.

He was a landsman prince, scion of a seaside kingdom and sailor of the ocean's surface.

And one day, they meet, and must find an answer to the question: if a mermaid and a landsman fall in love, where do they make their home?

However, that's not what my story's about. In my story, he's a married guy, and she's kind of, um, crazy. And they don't get together. I actually LIKE the title "The Mermaid and the Landsman Prince" but it just doesn't work for my story. (bummer.)

But LM will be coming out soon. Maybe then I'll quit hyperventilating. And it'll probably be called "The Grieving Mermaid".

(But I still refer to "Worn Soles" as Twelfth.)

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